On October the 18th, 2014, a Collective of souls, including Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung, Masaru Emoto, Edgar Cayce, Sigmund Freud, Dolores Cannon and many more, started coming through Hypnotherapy sessions that Ronald DeWald was conducting with a new way of empowering people to heal themselves.
Ron is a Hypnotherapy Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists USA and other Hypnotherapy Organizations in the USA. He is a Master Metaphysical Instructor, NLP facilitator, Life Coach, Life-Business Consultant, Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Level II Practitioner and a Ordain Minister. He has been practicing hypnosis for over 30 years. He was asked by this Collective to combine the new process of healing they were sharing along with his mastery of hypnosis and other disciplines as well to teach and share it with the world.
It was explained that the energies of the planet have shifted dramatically and that the consciousness of people and their DNA had changed too, requiring us to adjust to such change by investigating and working with new techniques that would empower people; to let go of traumas from the past, present and concerns about the future. Old paradigms and belief systems that no longer serve need to be re-evaluated, updated, or replaced, to enable us to go beyond the limitations of the past and move into a new future, where the new human is sovereign, happy, stress free, healthy, abundant and successful, and has a connection to higher wisdom and guidance.
It was also explained that intuition has now been released completely to everyone. The Collective has asked for everyone to use their intuition in all facets of their lives. It was explained that by doing so, they are opening up the direct connection to their Higher Self or the God part of each of them. By using intuition along with intention everyone will have a more harmonious stress-free life.
This new method, is a faster and more efficient way of instantaneous healing through hypnosis and facilitating a connection between a person and his/her Higher Self/Inner Wisdom, Source/God/Higher Intelligence.
It helps one gain new perspectives and understandings of our life purpose, why we are here, our relationships, the soul lessons we need to learn from people and all the events in our life, how to deal with and let go of fear, trauma, addictions, emotional pain and wounding, heal ourselves and move into a place of forgiveness, peace, higher understanding, empowerment and Love.

How the Hypnosis Works
The client brings with them a list of questions. No preparation is needed. It works on anyone regardless of how analytical and left brained they may be.
There is no formal process — the session is guided by Source.
It’s very safe, non-intrusive and private. It is painful and challenging for someone to talk about events and traumas in their life; talking about these things only amplifies negativity. The practitioner does not need to know or take on any of this, and the client does not need to re-live any of it either.
Spirit knows everything about you — who you are — everything that has happened to you in past lives, and this life, including where you are at on your journey, what keeps you stuck, what you need help with and how to help you.
Each session begins with the practitioner teaching their client self-hypnosis to manage stress, and to establish a connection to spiritual guides/Source (Spirit/God/Divine/collective consciousness/Higher Self, etc.), instantly. When you are able to handle any type of stress, and know what to do in any given situation, you become fully empowered. This is a key aspect of this type of Metaphysical Hypnosis method.
The Hypnosis practitioner also speaks to the client’s ego/conscious mind in session, to explore any doubts, fears, concerns and any limiting beliefs the client may have, which will prevent the client from healing themselves. The practitioner also engages with and enlists the co-operation and assistance of the body, organs and cells; until all 3 aspects are on the same page, healing will not happen. Entities are also released easily and return to the Light.
All communication between yourself and your Higher Self/Source is done privately, in silence, and does not need to be articulated out loud, unless you choose to share it. People who have experienced this process describe the communication as receiving “light packets of information being downloaded to them.” They usually contain new understandings and perspectives about their journey and life. Massive shifts do occur as a result.
They can start to see and realize how they have set up their life and experiences, the role their cast of characters play, and why every event and drama has come up based around learning lessons for their soul’s spiritual growth.
From this information, they also come to understand what they must or must not do in order to learn soul lessons and work out their karma with others. This can include much forgiveness and a return to love. Healing can occur instantly in the twinkling of an eye. Sessions take around two to three hours and can be done over the internet, such as WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom besides in person.
A session is fluid and organic, but also each one is very different. A unique feature of this type of Metaphysical Hypnosis session is that most clients fall into the Esdaile state, which is a coma state beyond somnambulism. Everyone gets there through a process of self-hypnosis. Ego filters are therefore removed, so the pure Higher Self/Source can come through to communicate with you and answer all your questions. Past lives are not necessary unless the client is guided to explore one, and if that happens, usually one scene from a past life is all that is really required and there is no need to re-live a death scene.
Hypnosis Workshops
If you are interested in learning this process Ron is starting to teach workshops now.
Below is information about the workshops.
Anyone who wishes to learning this Metaphysical type of Hypnosis must have proper training in standard hypnosis. There have been too many challenges for non-hypnotists and even those who are already hypnotists: clients not going into trance because the practitioner doesn’t have the right hypnosis training, entities that interfere with and sabotage sessions, healing being undermined, practitioners not understanding depth of trance where the client’s ego mind is speaking as the Higher Self/Source, not able to bring through the Higher Self or having entities speaking as the SC, shooing away the Conscious Mind, not enlisting the help of the body and conscious mind to assist with healing, healing given by the SC not lasting, or not manifesting at all etc.
To address these issues, anyone wanting to learn this Metaphysical type of Hypnosis must first be properly accredited and trained in hypnosis. Everyone who takes the class, will be certified in standard Hypnotists along with being certified as Metaphysical Hypnotists. Because there are so many different things to be learned in this Hypnosis class that are not taught in other Hypnosis classes, it is required for everyone to take the class. Hypnosis courses offered around the USA and globally, have different course structures and content. It is important that every student receive the same instruction. It will also give Hypnosis Consultants/practitioners formal accreditation, and all the tools needed to practice hypnosis professionally.
Therefore, Ron’s training has two components:
100 hours online home study and formal training in hypnosis, leading to Hypnosis certification as a Certified Hypnotist. There will be an exam leading to Hypnosis certification. Ron is a Hypnosis instructor and this course will be offered by him. No one fails the exam. Ron makes sure everyone gets the knowledge and training to pass the exam.
Duration four (3) days from 9 a.m. till late.

This is a Metaphysical Hypnosis workshop combining elements of hypnosis with what The Collective have shared through Hypnosis Sessions that Ron has conducted in 2014, to date.
Duration four (4) days from 9 a.m. till late.
The maximum number of students for the workshops is 12.
Workshops are being NOW being offered.
You will learn how to:
(1) apply hypnosis techniques;
(b) do rapid inductions;
(c) self-hypnotize to manage stress,
(d) open to Intuition and connect to your inner wisdom/guides//Higher Self/Source;
(e) teach your clients how to manage stress through self-hypnosis and connect to guidance;
(f) communicate and work with the body, the conscious mind and Higher Self;
(g) do spirit releasement (clearing entities, ET’s, archons etc.);
(e) open stargates to take clients on a journey Home;
(f) work with different Councils;
(g) work in the Temple of Healing;
(h) and much more…
You will learn experimentally, by observing Ron doing multiple live sessions on students in the workshop, selected at random, and participating as demo subjects. You will also receive links to numerous videos showing Ron and students doing Hypnosis sessions.

There are no pre-requisites and the workshop is open to everyone.
Ronald DeWald guarantees that if by lunch break of the 1st day, you are not satisfied with the course, for any reason, return your course materials and receive a full refund.
Ronald DeWald also guarantees that any student may at his or her option, re-take any or all classes without additional charge. This policy will ensure continual success for all graduates.
The introductory fee for both of the courses is $1500.
To reserve a place in the workshop, a deposit of $500 is required. This is on a first come, 1st served basis. The balance is payable before the workshop starts.
The discount for early bird registrations is $1,400. This option is only available to those paying for the workshop in full.
Please get in touch with Ron at the following email address.
Ronald DeWald
[email protected]

If anyone wishes to organize or host a workshop in their city or country, please call Ron at

772-341-0946 or email him at [email protected]

Always remember the power to change your life resides right there within you just waiting for your instructions.